Developed by industry professionals

Eyes always on the prize

We keep the community tidy...

....but also know how to tell them to shove it!

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Brought exclusively to the high-end PC master race community!

Applied physics to explosion debris... if it's not too expensive...

Full Cross-Platform support!

Perfected in 1993, LUA remains the top choice of new indie studios everywhere

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A uniquely rewarding gameplay experience!

Playing the same map over and over can get stale very quick

Leaked image of Fields of Isis on Sanctuary

100% realism on classic maps

Gameplay-first approach

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Release date

Not right this second...

... but definitely by the end of august... or october

...but no later than 2024, pinkie promise

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Maximum utilization of available tools!

We here at Enhearten media are very proud of our aesthetic and differentiating ourselves from other IPs

Full utilization of the modding community!

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Tons of features improving on the predecessors

Navy optional though...